About Me

I have a Big heart for our generations of youth and families. 


My name is Ms. Marcella Patterson, born and raised in Pasadena California. Later relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009. Seeking to further my education I received my Associate's degree from the College of Southern Nevada in 2016. I didn't stop there, currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree and applied Management; to further my ability to assist and help others around the world.  


A Single Mother giving birth to three children of my own, and one foster child. Working with children for over 20 years, as an advocate, teacher, and mentor.  I love helping others and am passionate about it, it is what I am called to do! So in May of 2020 During the Pandemic, I took a leap of Faith and started my own Non-Profit Organization, currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


New Beginnings Support Services INC. N.B.S.S focuses on children: families, the homeless population as well as foster children. But certainly not limited to. Our program offers resources: case management, computer access, clothing for adults and children, food distribution in a number of communities, activities, and hands on events within the community where we can provide both male and female involvement. Health education and much more. 


I enjoy helping families and seeing them accomplish their goals! My goal is to make the world a better place by helping out and donating to organizations and charities. To provide more opportunities and resources for children than I witnessed and had growing up. My dream is to do great and mighty work!!!! Helping keep a smile on our youth's and family's faces. Standing tall to do the work of God. 


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